Google Chrome Extension Essentials

I have become a huge fan of Google Chrome over the past year or so, this has caused me to install, test, and remove a lot of extensions. Along the way I have come across quite a few that work really well so I thought I would share.

  1. 1Password – Simply couldn’t live with out this. If you are in need of password management software I highly suggest you have a look at 1Password. While its not free its really worth it and the Chrome plugin makes it that much better.
  2. AdBlock – This is simply a must. It does what it says, Blocks Ads, really makes browsing sites so much better when they don’t have 20 banners on them.
  3. Delicious Bookmarks Extension – I recently switched back to using Delicious and this really seems to be the way to go when it comes to integrating Delicious with Chrome.
  4. Google Voice – Sometimes is just nice to be able to send texts right from your browser instead of reaching for the cellphone to do so.
  5. Hover Zoom – This has to be one of the best extensions I have come across. It saves a ton of clicks through the day while browsing since it will load thumbnail images as full size images via an on screen popup.  I have also pushed a patch to it that gives it Pict.Mobi support as well which is an added bonus.
  6. Nagios Checker – Well if you have ever used Nagios this is really handy. It will popup notifications/alerts of server issues. Much nicer than having Nagios opened full screen.
  7. Remote Transmission – I download all my Torrents via my home server, this allows me to auto open those torrent files directly on the machine that does the downloading.
Well that about does it, I used to have a lot more plugins installed but I like to keep it as minimal as possible.  Do you have any Chrome extensions that you couldn’t live with out?