Graham cracker shortage

Graham cracker shortage 1
Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

I had previously written about how I have been witness to the Bacon shortage of 2020, but apparently there is now also a graham cracker shortage… graham crackers must be the new toilet paper that people are stocking upon.

We recently acquired a fire pit in our back yard where we have been making s’mores a few times during the week, that was until we ran out of graham crackers. So per usual, I added them to our Alexa shopping list so I could pick them up on my next run to the store.

I looked high and low at Toms which is the grocery store right up the street and they were cleaned out of them. I decided to make a trip to Rite Aid right up the street as I figured they would carry them in their small grocery section, but of course, they were sold out as well.

Upon checking out with the other few items I grabbed while I was there, I had made comment to the cashier about how I found it odd they didn’t have any. She let me know there was a person in there shortly before me that purchased the last 2 boxes they had as he had come from Meijer and they were sold out as well.

This is all likely due to the weather getting nicer, and a lot of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, so people are getting out more, having bonfires, camping, and of course, making s’mores. I hope that I will luck out on my next trip and be able to grab a box or perhaps two so that we can be stocked during these great summer evenings.