Guess what? I am moving to Boulder!

With only about 20 days left here in Las Vegas, I figure that it is time for this draft to finally be shown the light of day.  Come June 4th, 2013 I will be leaving Las Vegas and starting my drive to Boulder, Colorado.  I have been trying to decide on where to move for close to a year now, ranging from California, Austin, and New York to name a few, and have finally decided on Boulder, Colorado.

From all that I have heard and read I think that Boulder will be the change that I am looking for, hell Boulder in general should be a change from the blah that is known as Vegas. I know that some of you are thinking “Blah known as Vegas? what are you thinking??” … while Vegas is a great place to visit, it’s just not the ideal place to live.

I have become really bored here as in most cases you are left to venture down to the Las Vegas strip to hit up a nightclub while surrounding yourself with a bunch of drunk tourists and listening to some “DJ” play his iPod, or head to a local bar and gamble your paycheck away while complaining about how hot it is outside. Overall I just needed a change.

Vegas it’s been real and I am sure I will be back to visit… but probably/hopefully not anytime soon.