Guess what? We are moving to Boulder!

With only about 20 days left here in Las Vegas I figure that it is time for this draft to finally be shown the light of day.  Come June 4th Kat and I will be leaving Las Vegas and starting our drive to Boulder, Colorado.  We have been trying to decide on where to move for close to a year now, ranging from Austin, New Orleans, and Pensacola to name a few, and we finally decided on Boulder, Colorado.

From all that we have heard and read we think that Boulder will be the change that we are looking for, hell Boulder in general should be a change from the blah that is know as Vegas. I know that some of you are thinking “Blah known as Vegas? what are you thinking??” … while Vegas is a great place to visit, its just not the ideal place to live. We have become really bored here as in most cases you are left to venture down to the Las Vegas strip to hit up a night club while surrounding yourself with a bunch of drunk tourists and listening to some “DJ” play his iPod, or you head to a local bar and gamble your paycheck away while complaining about how hot it is outside. Overall we just needed a change.

Vegas its been real and I am sure we will be back to visit… but probably/hopefully not anytime soon.