Hangout Music Festival 2014

Kat and I attended the Hangout Music Festival here in Gulf Shores, Alabama last weekend. We ended up being front row for Queens Of The Stone Age, which more or less made the entire festival for us. We had gotten a chance to see them last year at Red Rocks, but this performance trumped that.

While not as close for Modest Mouse we were in a decent spot. I had never seen Modest Mouse and it has honestly been a while since I had put them on but all around it was a good performance.  Kat has seen them before years ago and has said that Modest Mouse was not the best live, but we were both pretty impressed at how things went. We also caught a bit of The Black Keys, but due to the sheer number of people that were there to see them we ended up being at the very back of the sea of people.

The last night of the festival we got to see OutKast close it all down.  Never seeing them before I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect from their show, and I was not disappointed with how it all went. OutKast was really good when it came to flowing from one song to the next without stopping in between, it really kept the crowd going the entire time.

I took a few pictures, a lot of which are from the Queens Of The Stone Age show since that was the main band that I really wanted to see this time around, and being front row so there were actually some pictures that were worth taking that didn’t involve the backs peoples heads.