Happy Camper with login woes…

Never did find out what the customer was getting at…

Customer: please help me know how to log in. i am unregistered and have a response from website management that requires me to log in
You are now speaking with Shelby of Sales.
Shelby: Hello
Shelby: How can i help you?
Customer: my quest is infront of you!
Shelby: I am sorry but I do not understand your question. Where are you trying to login through?
Customer: in your website, there’s website management, true?
Shelby: If you have an account with us you get access to your own Control Panel
Customer: pls walk with me so you can understand my question
Customer: i have just asked you a Q
Shelby: You are wondering about a login to the control panel for your site correct?
Customer: Gosh!
Customer: is there any help here?? i have not said that, have i??
Customer: dont put words in my mouth
Customer: i am just about to explain, but you wont let me!!!
Shelby: Ok go ahead I will wait on your question.
Customer: in your website, there’s website management, true?
Customer: i have just repeated my question
Shelby: I dont know what you mean about the website management on our site
Customer: www.inmotion. net (thats the name of your website, right?
Shelby: Yes that is our site.
Customer: your home page has the following -dedicated servers, virtual private servers, busines s calss hosting, persoanal cheap hosting, website management
Customer: is this correct??
Shelby: Yes that is all located on our site.
Customer: thank you!
Customer: now listen.
Customer: when us customers click on “website management”
Customer: it takes us to an enquiry form where you fill in bla bla
Customer: its called free website evaluation
Shelby: Alright?
Customer: site url: …name.. phone:..
Customer: so i filled that out. i am not registered with you. then i got this e mail: (will paste it here)
Your party has left this session.