Hell’s Itch

… it sucks. I honestly have never heard of it until I experienced it this weekend. So rewind to last weekend I got super sunburnt at the lake, and this week has been a painful recovery of my sunburn, redness, peeling, etc.

I woke up yesterday, and everything was fine until around noon, and then it started. I felt a burning pain under my skin and itching that would last for 5hrs. Doing some research, it seems that I might have had what is called “Hells Itch“.

I was not able to focus on anything but the pain and constant itching of my back, which in many areas I just couldn’t reach. I researched this and made a run to the local Rite-Aid and picked up some Cortizone-10, which finally provided some relief.

The moral of the story is that you should wear sunscreen when outside as this was not fun at all, thankfully it passed in a shorter time than I read it would last.