Here we go…

So I thought I would give another post much like the one I wrote a long while back about the Detroit Trip. After work Friday, Darin and I went back to my place and pre drank some of Jakes Vodka. Attempted to head to Father’s office in Santa Monica… The line was too long so we went to Q’s. Ended up meeting some people there, Got really wasted there and met up with this girl I went to High school with. She ended up being just a cool as I remember her, and then some. Ended up conversing with Clark Kent’s brother, I still don’t think he recalls who we were. Closed out the bar, went and grabbed more beer and we all drank at my place until like 6 am. Woke up at like 10 am and went to get some food, then made our way to a bar and I drank a couple of beers at like noon while schooling people at Darts. After that went to Paradise cove near Malibu and drank a lot more and ate way too much deep-fried calamari … Went back to the girl’s brother’s place and helped with polishing off a bottle of wine. Then ended up at this bar in Santa Monica. Drank until close. Woke up in the morning not knowing where my car was and being super sore from sleeping two deep on a couch and later migrating to a tiled floor. Found my car on 11th st, had to walk all the way from 4th… drove home, and ended up cracking a few beers open at 10 am on Sunday … now I am at work.

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