Hot tubs and lack of heat

Hot Tub Time Machine Poster

I pretty much have all my utilities back on now… well with the exception of the gas, which means I don’t have heat or hot water.  My shower this morning was less than epic.  I hope that this all gets taken care of in the next few days as I really don’t like the thought of sleeping in a cold house and then waking up to a cold shower.
I also got tickets to a screening of The Hot Tub Time Machine tonight at 7 pm.  The movie isn’t set to be released until March 26th so I am interested to get an early viewing of it.  Right now I am kind of torn about how I think the movie will be.  From the previews I have seen it looks like it could be a really funny movie, then again the previews always try to encompass the good parts of the movie so there is still a chance they could try to take it over the top, and then it will just suck. I will post a review on my thoughts in the following days.