I don’t have any real friends…

The weekend seemed to drag on like no other. Friday I worked until 10 pm, got out, and then went to Durrs apartment, Chase came over we had a few beers then @ about 12:45 or so we got hungry and went to BW3’s and had some wings, while we were there we some people from work we hung out with them and ended back @ one of their places hanging out until about 3:30 or so… It was a long night.

Sat I pretty much sat @ home until about 6ish, that is when I was convinced to head to Kzoo. We went to Kzoo to visit Amanda, she was watching this house that had a hot tub… Hot tub = good reason for a road trip 😉 It was pretty cool sitting in a hot tub while it was raining with a beer in my hand.

Sunday Chris and I planned a BBQ… it turned out like shit 😛 and Soprano’s didn’t come in clear as our cable is junk right now. Ohh well.