I don’t know where to start…

Well the weekend was kind of fun we went off-roading in Petosky, here are the Pictures. Erik got his truck super stuck, we didn’t get there in time to see it but ahh well we got pictures. On top of it, we got lost for a few hours.

In other news I am the head of our Sales-Team @ work, I am wondering how well this will go. I guess we have to brainstorm some ideas to get more sales in the Tech Support department. I’m really kind of stuck on what to do as well its hard to sell to people when they are upset about their computer already being broken.

I have had a lot on my mind over the weekend. Things that I will get to in time and tell you all about, but as of now well I am just going to think some more. Last night when I got back from my friend Martas my sister came over and rummaged through the attic and found some old school clothes from the 70’s it was some funny shit. I will post pictures of that soon.