I spend 6 hours a day surfing the net at work. I work the other 2 hours.

So I came up with this Amazon Wishlist, I kept seeing other people having them… I felt a little left out I guess you could say. Anyways yesterday was “Turkey Day” as I keep hearing it called. That meaning is just odd, I mean not to say I have never heard it, but I seem to hear it more and more over the years. I think is the new trend or something. Who knows, im prob. just out of the loop. Work was pretty dull yesterday about 30mins to 1hr between calls = very very slow day @ work. I am eating some Taco Bell and its not tasting very well, and to top it off they forgot to give me my chips and cheese… bastards. So I have stopped smoking, I took a drag from a cig. butt the other night and about made me sick, the smell of smoke is even getting to me now… weird. I’m still looking into getting a Powerbook, I was trying to sort through my current bills and suh and I think if I cut out the bar, which I was planning anyways I would be able to afford it no problem at all. So maybe before new years 🙂