I think they know that I don’t want to talk to them right now.

So far it has been 18 mins with no calls, I am starting to think that either A.) Everything is working fine for once, B.) The phones are broken. Well I spoke to soon, I just got a caller and she sounds clueless just like the rest, I am glad that I am out in about 15 mins… Wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t get another call after this one?… I am doubtful that would happen. Anyways work was pretty odd today, talked with one of my supervisors for a while outside. He explained to me somethings about the job and yadda yadda, most of which was already assumed. Either way it was cool for him to take some time and pull me aside. They should do that more often as it makes you feel more like a human and not just a drone on the phones doing thier bidding. I also applied for the telephone repair job … granted it was 5 days late, either way some of the repair guys talked me into it and said it was worth a shot… I am thinking its a bad move but either way we will see.