I want to be a superhero so bad.

Windows XP SP2 is pretty nice, prob. one of the best service packs they have put out, its only RC 1 that I am running so it’s still a little buggy though. Overall Windows XP seems faster, the boot time is a little slower. The new internet firewall settings are pretty nice, they have a lot more you can do with it besides just turning it on. My Media Server PC is almost complete.. but there are still some issues with the TV Capture Card. For some reason, I can play live tv on my system, but when I record I get no Audio… I was reading a little about it and it might be something with it not working with the chipset of my motherboard… Which if that is the case kind of sucks, as my Media Server is a 1.1ghz w/ 1 gig of ram, and the only other machine I have is a 500mhz AMD K6-2, with like 512 Ram. I suppose if it comes down to it I might just install Windows 2000 and remove all the un-needed Bullshit, and get it running that way. Either that or I have been looking into a Linux install of some sort, A while ago I was reading up on maybe using KnoppMyth. KnoppMyth is a special build of Knoppix and has MythTV prebuilt into it. I don’t know how well it will work, but I guess maybe this weekend I will find out. Check back for updates.