I would do anything to find my creativity. I cry about it all the time. I want to commit suicide.

Well, anyways where to begin. Last night I went out with Sean and Louie. We started off by picking up our friends Erik and Nick… Erik was in full effect as he had been drinking since 4 pm, we picked him up around 9. We then went out to The Post, it’s a new bar in East Lansing… And it was dead as all hell there, and beer was $4. We decided to leave there and head over to Ricks, that was pretty dead as well, so We got some pitchers and played Quarters.

After shots and a few pitchers we went over to Harpers Downtown, Sean and I were a little pissed as you are not allowed to wear hats in there… That’s all new to me. After about half a drink Erik was kicked out for being trashed. Shortly after Sean, Louie, and I decided to leave and get something to eat at BW3’s. Note Wings while you are drunk = good. Anyways we left there, and Louie decided to puke for a few, and then we passed out. Crazy nights = Bad morning hangovers, I felt like a truck ran me over this morning, Just getting better as of a few hours ago.