I wouldn’t call it a New Years resolution…

While I know this post comes a bit late in terms of New Years’ resolutions posts, but I am not really considering this a resolution but more of just a change of pace. As well as a change of my normal routine.

  1. Apps. I know this is a weird one to start with, but over the years I have added/removed many devices and apps to my life, and while some stick around others not so much. With that being said since the addition of the Apple Watch it has made it easier to track steps, stairs, standing time, and a bunch of other health statistics so I figure why not try to take it a little further?

    I have a Wyze scale which also ties into Apple Health alongside the Apple Watch data, and I also have a blood pressure monitor that does the same. This coming year I am going to try to make it a point to weigh myself every day as well as take a BP reading at least once a day too. I was also using the WaterMinder app for a while but got a bit lazy on using that, I plan on getting back on board with it.

    One last thing I am going to add into this will be the use of the Everyday for iPhone app, I have tried this in the past but usually, give up on it a week or so into it. This time I am going to make sure to take a picture no matter when, or where I am at. And yes I know this one doesn’t really fall into a health tracking app, but figured why not.
  2. Health. With the recent Cancer scare (Yup I have not posted anything about this just yet, but I am working on it) I think it is time to look at my life and what I should change in the terms of health and longevity. It wouldn’t hurt to watch my diet a bit better than I feel I do already, but also I want/need to be more active. Even if it simply means taking a daily walk around the lagoon, lifting some free weights, or making sure I find reasons to get up from my desk more often just to walk up and down the stairs more. I am trying to make this part of my daily routine. I have also been thinking about renewing my gym membership once the New Years’ rush is over, though the idea of hitting up the GYM during the pandemic doesn’t appeal to me that much.
  3. Being a better partner. While I would love to brag and say I am the best of the best, I know there is some room for improvement in caring and showing my love better than I do to Nicole. I am going to strive each day to make it better than the day before, this includes communicating better and helping out more.
  4. Budget. Since we bought the house I have not been as buckled down on spending. I need to reel that in again and become a little less loose when it comes to spending. I have a mental budget in my head on a few items this year that I want to upgrade/purchase and I have mentally allocated funds for through the year. I am also going to try to cut back on my Amazon spending on things that I really don’t need. I know this is going to be harder than it sounds lol
  5. Learning. I have been immersed in WordPress for far too long, I don’t plan on giving that up but rather I need to broaden my range on things. I am always tinkering with this or that but I never really take a deep dive into things, more so just surface level. I love learning new things, exploring new territories and I plan on doing that more this year. I would love to pick up programming again as I know I am rusty at that, perhaps a new language even.

I think that more or less sums up the basics of the routines I want to get into, now I just need to make sure I can execute them all… or at least touch on them each from time to time to give myself a reality check here and there.