I’m really happy where I am, and yet I can’t stop thinking about suicide.

Well not really, but I know that I am never going to help people out with their computers ever again. Last night I went to fix a friends computer … one hour later I was still working on it and it was being a bitch. See it has two hard drive’s 1st which is the C: drive is a 540 gig drive w/o any space on it and the 2nd which is a 3.2 gig had nothing on it… so the plan was to format the 3.2 and make it the C: drive and then make the 540 the D: drive… anyways the computer will only see the drives if the 540 is set as the master and the 3.2 as the slave, if you put just one in the computer then it wont detect it, or if it does then well it wont let you format the damn thing… and to top it off I didn’t get the hair cut I was planning on getting either.