Improved Site Speed

I have been in a constant battle with Vanessa about who’s site loads faster than who’s. The testing I have done was via, and from their results I was smoking her on the speed of loading. I then decided to see how much I could optimize mine, and here are the results.


Total HTTP Requests: 6
Total Size: 36274 bytes
14.4K - 29.31 seconds
28.8K - 15.26 seconds
33.6K - 13.25 seconds
56K - 8.43 seconds
ISDN 128K - 3.41 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps - 1.39 second

Optimized Site

Total HTTP Requests: 4
Total Size: 21452 bytes
Load Speed
14.4K – 17.43 seconds
28.8K – 9.11 seconds
33.6K – 7.93 seconds
56K – 5.08 seconds
ISDN 128K – 2.11 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps – 0.91 seconds

As you can see by removing some excess code, and some unused plugins it improved the loading of the site and the overall size as well. I am sure there is still much more that I can do to get a faster response, but this is good enough for now…. And should keep Vanessa at bay.