I’ve felt bad about that ever since..

Sorry about the lack of updates, just been pretty damn busy. I have updated the galleries with some pictures of my new desk and some other random junk. This is my first weekend with Peyton. She is being very good and its been fun. I wont get to see her for a few as July 4th when I am supposed to have her I am letting Meggan take her to Iowa to see some family that doesn’t get to see her all that much, it sucks that I wont be able to see her for a few weeks but hell its better for Peyton to see other family. Evan and I might be doing a web site or 2 for some guy and his business it should pose some fun, Orange CMS is at a stand still right now… ohh well we will pick up on that later this coming week I hope. I have applied for a Sysadmin job out in Grand Ledge, I doubt I will get it but if I do it will be a change and pay increase from Corecomm, eeping my fingers crossed. Offtopic here I really hate sprint. I payed my bill online and it was supposed to charge my credit card… well it charged my checking so as I’m broke until payday 🙁 kind of sucks. Stay tuned as next weekend I hope to have a wireless network map of East Lansing, I’m sure that a lot of people will like to get ahold of that.