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I’ve got your IP…

Im getting kind of tired of these little kids on AIM that decide to message me and only have to say “I have your IP” … I always answer with “And what the fuck are you going to do with it”… I cant wait until they attack my hardware firewall… ohh no!!! anyways yeah other than that nothing new. The weather is getting nice again, thank god. I was really starting to hate the weather like no other. I was going to go away next weekend but come to find out I’m not allowed to go up north with my friends. Wrather not really get into it. Either way I am hoping since the weather is getting nice that people might stop calling in to Corecomm, and I might actually have sometime in between calls… but only time can tell. Next week I get to work for PBS and do some auction thing, answering phones and such. Should be a change from the normal day in and day out.

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