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Kats birthday, the follow up report…

Talk about slacking, it has been quite sometime since Kat had her birthday. Anyways Let me start off by saying it was a really awesome birthday weekend that we celebrated with one another, nothing but good food and great times.
I made hotel reservations over at the Red Rock Casino on thursday, they offered a pretty decent rate to upgrade the room so I bought into it. Kat went and got us some drinks while I was checking in, after check in we made our trek to the room to start off the evening.
We got settled into our room which was pretty damn nice, and got ready for dinner while sipping on our martini’s.
After getting ready we started our trek down to T-Bones for dinner. The hotel elevators were located really close to T-Bones which was nice, as we didn’t have to walk all the way across the casino for dinner.
We arrive a little bit before our reservations and took a seat at the bar while waiting to be seated. If you haven’t been to T-Bones you really should as the atmosphere there is great, and so is the food.  We started out with some appetizers which consisted of a caesar salad, oysters rockefeller, french onion soup. For our entrees Kat for some Roasted Chicken and I got myself an 8oz Filet, we also got some garlic mashed potatoes(we actually sent these back as there were over mashed), and some creamed spinach for our side.  I snuck away and let them know it was her Birthday and they brought out an amazing piece of cheese cake for her.
We left T-Bones very stuffed and satisfied, we wandered around the casino and had some drinks, while Kat watched me gamble.  I ended up actually winning a little bit as she makes a very nice good luck charm heh.  We then decided on bowling which was pretty fun late at night.
We eventually made our way back to our room and had some room service and then passed out for the night.  We had a lot of fun, I cant wait to take her out again next year for something else just as fun and exciting.

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