Car Accident

Yeah I need to pay more attention to driving.  Almost died this morning on the way to work thanks to not looking both ways.

Nevada DMV Woes

Today was a mess with the DMV, I went there nice and early on about 4hrs of sleep.  Only to see a line of people already out front sitting in law chairs.  At first, I thought it might have been a protest or something… But it was just people waiting for the DMV to open. After weeks of worrying about the smog test I passed, then I had a VIN inspection… which I passed (Last I knew my car was my car and was not stolen).  Then after waiting for about 20 minutes I was called to the desk.  Everything was going smoothly until they checked my insurance.  I have insurance but when I registered it online I guess I typed the VIN incorrectly, so all along my car has not been covered by insurance.  They let that slide and gave me my plates.  I had to make about a 10-minute call with progressive and everything was straightened out.
Now to get my stereo installed this weekend and my car won’t be as bad to legally cruise around it.

Leno at the Pump

So the other day I was getting some gas and a frappuccino before work and who did I see…  Jay Leno.  He was driving this crazy looking car.  And I couldn’t help but make a comment on it.  It was a chilly morning and as you can see the car has no roof or really a windshield on it.  Anyways we made some short talk for a second and then after he came back out from paying for his gas he looked over at my car.  I then made a comment about wanting to trade…. he declined saying that my car was too large for him.

Car Issues…

So yeah since my car wont pass the SMOG tests out here I took it too the shop… it has to have the EGR Valve replaced, then it will pass the smog test. It’s well worth it though, as if I go to sell the car it HAS to be able to pass the smog test or who would buy it. Well there goes most of my next check on this repair…

Like Christine, but only killing my wallet.

I swear just when I thought my car was good again… So yeah here is the story, out in California you have to get a smog test on your car(since there is hella pollution out here). I was thinking yeah my car will do well since it got me all the way to Cali from … Read More

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