2013 Chevy Silverado Fender Flares

Another thing I got done over this productive weekend was installing Fender Flares onto my 2013 Chevy Silverado. While I am not the biggest fan of Fender Flares, it was the most affordable option to coverup some bodywork that I had to perform on the rear wheel wells; it was either that or replaced the …

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Car Accident

Yeah I need to pay more attention to driving.  Almost died this morning on the way to work thanks to not looking both ways.

Nevada DMV Woes

Today was a mess with the DMV, I went there nice and early on about 4hrs of sleep.  Only to see a line of people already out front sitting in law chairs.  At first, I thought it might have been a protest or something… But it was just people waiting for the DMV to open. After weeks of worrying about the smog test I passed, then I had a VIN inspection… which I passed (Last I knew my car was my car and was not stolen).  Then after waiting for about 20 minutes I was called to the desk.  Everything was going smoothly until they checked my insurance.  I have insurance but when I registered it online I guess I typed the VIN incorrectly, so all along my car has not been covered by insurance.  They let that slide and gave me my plates.  I had to make about a 10-minute call with progressive and everything was straightened out.
Now to get my stereo installed this weekend and my car won’t be as bad to legally cruise around it.