Cali DMV

Well I heard horror stories of like 5hr waits, gun fights and prostitution…. well maybe everything except the gun fights and prostitutes. Anyways I got there and filled out my Drivers Lic. form @ like 10:20am, and was out of there by 11:30am. And that was even after the written driving test that I took as well. Lets see when I go back for my plates and stuff how long it takes me …

Where I will be living.

I got bored and checked the distance from where I will be living and whats around me… I think that I will have to travel some.

Riverside -> San Diego = 100.8 mi (about 1 hour 41 mins)
Riverside -> Los Angeles = 60.2 mi (about 1 hour 3 mins)
Riverside -> Las Vegas = 237 mi (about 3 hours 51 mins)
Riverside -> San Francisco = 435 mi (about 7 hours 13 mins)
Riverside -> Bakersfield = 178 mi (about 3 hours 6 mins)

Granted these are all taken from google maps so I dont know if the times and such are all true.. but there ya have it.

Car issues #978162

So yet again I had some car issues, one of the hoses to the radiator had a crack and well broke …. $11’s later I had repaired the hose with help from my dad. So until next week the car should be ok.