Rest in Peace Beyonce


Sadly on Monday, May 3rd we had to put our Beyonce, or as I only called her Bebe to rest due to health issues. She was quickly deteriorating and after an emergency vet visit on Saturday night, we knew there was nothing else we could do for her, and didn’t want her to suffer any longer.

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They came back…

They came back… 1

One of the main redeeming parts of winter was the departure of the Canadian Geese that occupy the lagoon during the warmer months, alas the snow has melted and they have migrated back.

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Amazon Pharmacy

Lots of pills
Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

A while back after a short stay in the hospital for high blood pressure and hypertension, I was put on a handful of medications to help lower the high blood pressure. Though over time of adjusting the prescriptions the refill dates on the various pills drifted further apart, almost to the point of having to go in almost every other day during certain weeks of the month.

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