I am always drunk at work so much so that when I show up sober people ask me if I’m o-kay.

This weekend… wow words cant explain. My days bled together like no other, here is a little recap. Friday I woke up @ 10am to get ready to be at work by 1pm… worked until 9pm then drove home got my costume and a change of clothes for sat. Went over to Ryan’s house for a predrinking party. Drank a beer then walked with everyone to another house party… I only stayed there for a few mins then drove to The Temple to watch Adrenachrome play, stayed there until like 1:30am then drove to get some more drinkage… Ended up back at Ryan’s house and continued to drink. It was now like 3am or so, so we decided to head to Denny’s and there was hella people there, so we drove to the gas station that my sister works at and got some bagels. We then trucked back to Ryans and then Sean came over and Amanda, Nicole, Sean, and I headed to the courts to Tail gate… Fast forward a few hours and we were really wasted and hanging out @ Ryan’s then we went to eat, yadda yadda… Sat night still hadn’t slep maybe only for like 20mins. We then ended up at Gunson drinking till I think around 4am… Sleep was good. All in all though I was up for around 42hrs and out of those 42hrs I was drinking about 31hrs… christ I will never do that again. Also the pictures can be viewed here and here.


This weekend was pretty cool… not like the normal but still a great time, Ended up @ Harpers Downtown for some 80’s band, got drunk and woke up on a fold out couch hating life itself. Walk out to my car and its parked in the yard with a parking tiket on the windshield… Fuck East Lansing. Then I headed home and met up with Nicole, we went to Franks Press box and watched the game and got a little more blitzed then we planned. I then got home and drove to KZOO for the night, went to a few bars didn’t get drunk and went to bed… Not a very eventful weekend seeing I didn’t even take any pictures what so ever. Last night I got the chance to watch Catch Me If You Can… which is a pretty damn good movie, that movie along with Blow makes me want to become a felon.

T-Bags where are you!?

Well ended up going to Flint.. well near flint with Shane on Sat. Anyways got wasted with T-bags, Shane, and some other people that I dont really know all that well. Anyways woke up in the morning and T-Bags was gone… we called him and well no answer and well I guess his mom can’t find him either. Hmm.

Sleep… How I miss thee.

Im starting to think that I have a sleeping disorder, fucking cant ever goto sleep early, and when I do fall asleep its only for a few hours. I have tried Drinking to pass out, Pills and well nothing seems to help… Damn I’m tired and it sucks. In other news I’m going to try to start a clothing line of sorts, I am in the works of getting some design created for shirts and such, just need to find a cheap place to print the clothing. Well I’m going to lay down and try to get some rest, seeing that it is a friday.


I dont know if I can handle 7 pounds outing anymore… Last tuesday went out to get wings with Louie and Chase, next thing I know its like 1:30am and I had to be at work @ 10am… Other than that the outing was alright. Last night I went to Mac’s Bar in Lansing to see a few band play, my ears are still ringing. I did however like the Punk band The Fallopian Dudes, I still need to find some of their MP3’s… If they have any. Afterwards I went over to Marta’s house and bleeched the tips of my hair, why I dont know. Work has been a blast today. Got here @ 3 and then had training for CS Atlantic for 4 hours… Man it sucked… Anyways back to slaving on the phone. Also the site will be getting a make over soon, I have been working on a new template.