Laughing Squid NYC – Feb 2015

I took some pictures of the random adventures of the Laughing Squid team (Hosting team as well as the Blogging team) on our annual meetup. This year it took place in Manhattan, New York.

We always have an awesome time when the whole team is together (Especially when I am forcing everyone into taking Pickleback’s) since most of our days are spent communicating via Slack, and only get to see one another on these rare occasions.

Already getting excited about the next time we all get together again.

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April Fools joke on the Boss.

So after getting to work today I spoke with my supervisor and told him that I wanted to get our boss today since it was April fools day.  I came up with the idea that I would tell her that I was quiting due to how I felt I was being treated here by other employees as well as feeling uncertain on my job security due to the recent lay offs because of the economy.
My boss then explained to me that a lot of things are taken into account on layoffs and that I have great work performance so it should not have to worry about that.  I then responded thats good to know especially since its April fools day.
She then tried to reach over her desk to slap and strangle me… mission completed.

Fish at my desk

So I bought some goldfish in efforts to decorate my desk at work.  I have come to notice that I think one of them has been having what I can only describe as a seizure.  He sits there for a moment then turns upside down starts to float then comes back to life and shakes around and swims in repeated circles… He is truly odd or had a disorder.

** UPDATE **
Attached is a picture of the fish per Jake’s request..

Fish at my Desk
Fish at my Desk

*** UPDATE ***
Looks like one of my cheap Walmart fish got Dropsy… now there is only one