I went thru a faze where i stole things….

Work has been bust as hell as of late… it sucks, and this upcoming week is goingto blow too. Out of all the employees that we have (which isn’t much now a days) only like half of the night shift is goingto be here = we usually have like 10 or so at night, now this week it will be close to I want to say 5-6 so its going to be really busy I’m pretty sure of that. More news as it developes…

I have started to believe nothing is real. It seems more and more likely everyday.

Still hating life and its still sooo cold. Talked to Sean for a few on AIM today, bastard is enjoying the 70 degree weather, wish I was too. Anyways if you cant tell I really hate Michigan and the damn snow. A lot of people say they love the 4 seasons and crap like that, me on the other hand… well I could deal with out it. So the people that do the payroll for my job decided to move to another building = we need to turn in 4 weeks of time sheets by the end of my shift tonight or I wont get paid for like 3 weeks…

I sometimes steal things i dont need from people i like for no reason other than i want it.

I am a zombie drone… Yes this is me @ work, same old thing every day. I think we have a staffing issue here @ work, there always seems to be a steady flow of calls coming in, never a long break like before. I remeber he times when we had like 20-30mins between calls… no im luck it is even close to 20-30 secs in between calls. Anyways enough of that, and back to the call I go.

I spend 6 hours a day surfing the net at work. I work the other 2 hours.

So I came up with this Amazon Wishlist, I kept seeing other people having them… I felt a little left out I guess you could say. Anyways yesterday was “Turkey Day” as I keep hearing it called. That meaning is just odd, I mean not to say I have never heard it, but I seem to hear it more and more over the years. I think is the new trend or something. Who knows, im prob. just out of the loop. Work was pretty dull yesterday about 30mins to 1hr between calls = very very slow day @ work. I am eating some Taco Bell and its not tasting very well, and to top it off they forgot to give me my chips and cheese… bastards. So I have stopped smoking, I took a drag from a cig. butt the other night and about made me sick, the smell of smoke is even getting to me now… weird. I’m still looking into getting a Powerbook, I was trying to sort through my current bills and suh and I think if I cut out the bar, which I was planning anyways I would be able to afford it no problem at all. So maybe before new years 🙂