Like Christine, but only killing my wallet.

I swear just when I thought my car was good again… So yeah here is the story, out in California you have to get a smog test on your car(since there is hella pollution out here). I was thinking yeah my car will do well since it got me all the way to Cali from Michigan… But then I remembered the “Service Engine Soon” light that has been on since I got the car. A lot of the times it is really nothing to worry about since its usually the oxygen sensor. But seeing that I need a smog test out here, the O2 Sensor is a major part. Also on a side note I heard if you DO have car issues do NOT go and get a smog test because your car gets put in the system and is pretty much flagged as being a “bad” car and well they wont let you pass point A until you fix ALL problems with your car. So anyways this guy I work with knows some people and some places to go to get it tested, we went there on lunch and the guy checked my car to see why the light is on, and well its something with an exhaust sensor = wont pass a smog test. He told me straight up that the car will NOT pass the test @ all while that light is on… So now I wait to see what I can do next. I guess the guy I work with has a mechanic in the family and the shop is down the street from my place, so hes supposed to let me know what the deal is. I just hope I don’t have to dump more money into my car. Also this is another thing that I think has happened to my car too.