Little Snitch + Google Chrome = ksfetch issues

Little Snitch

So Google Chrome has recently stopped playing nicely with Little Snitch, mainly because there is an issue with Chrome that it creates a temp file to check for updates every X hours.  Since its making a new temp file for some reason it sets off Little Snitch, which is quite annoying.

By entering the following code into your terminal will make it check once a week rather than every few hours:

defaults write checkInterval 604800

Hopefully one of the next version of Chrome they will address this, as it is very annoying having to click allow/deny every X hours.

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  1. i delete chrome with “appcleaner” and “clean my mac” but message come again and again? So have i forgotten some files? this code has no function for my mac…i try it with sudo and normally…now i will wait a bit and then i kill all google stuff in my mac…

  2. I’m not familiar with what to do when you say, “enter the following code into your terminal”? I use a mac, OS 10.6.8. Can someone please enlighten me on how to accomplish this?

  3. I found the solution
    After weeks of driving me nuts with calls every 20 or so minutes always twice in a row, I was ready to kill Google and I like Google.

    I did all kinds of reading and found that short of uninstalling the Google apps and running the command line to change something it seemed hopeless. On one forum that seemed out of date as they didn’t have any idea what was going on one hero offered a simple solution that worked brilliantly.

    Go to user > Library > Google > Software Update. Select the Google folder, Cmd I (get info) and change the folder permissions to read only and then check apply permissions to folder contents. Yeah It has never reared it’s ugly head again!!!

    • I tried that and it worked for a while, then the permissions reverted and back to the same old. Just rand the OP’s command. We’ll see.

  4. I am not a Chrome user, but I do have Google Drive on my system (10.6.8), I’ll give a try to your code. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. I don’t use chrome, it’s not even installed on my macbook, so why does Little Snitch ask me to allow ksfetch all the time, if it’s linked to chrome? Is the same solution working anyway?

  6. I got rid of the callback entirely by changing the permissions on the root /library/google/googlesoftwareupdate folder to ‘No Access’

    • Just in case you skip past the above comment, this is the command google gives in the above link:

      To disable Google Software Update from checking for updates, execute the following in the Terminal application:

      defaults write checkInterval 0

  7. After doing this, it got worse. Not only is little snitch still popping up for ksfetch twice every hour, now chrome itself also pops up twice after that, wanting to connect itself via ksfetch, totalling in four dialogs to dismiss. *sigh*

    • I just upgraded to Mountain Lion 10.8 GM (Build 12A269) with Google Chrome Version 21.0.1180.15 dev and this fix looks like it stopped working … Currently researching a new fix for this.
      Correction, after rebooting my machine this fix is still working.

  8. Yeah, I think we should declare Chrome malicious software as this is not how proper software works it does not create a temp and then execute. Like apple, Like Chrome, like them to behave like they respect us.

  9. thank you! this has worked. the only problem is that now chrome isn’t keeping me logged into my various accounts after i quit, even though i specify that i want to remain signed in. don’t know if this is because of the code or another issue (i just installed google boomerang calendar, which was also adding another issue – tabs popping up spontaneously with a request from a third party to access my gmail accounts).

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