Live Chat Love

So I have to login to a chat system for customers or possible customers to contact us with if they don’t feel like calling or emailing.  Anyways since we service the entire world sometimes chats can be pretty interesting, but this one takes the cake.  Here is what transpired, and clearly it had to have been someone bored on a Thursday.

Customer: Hello.
You are now speaking with Shelby of Support.
Shelby: Hello, how can i help you?
Customer: How old are you?

This really confused me at first

Shelby: Pardon?
Customer: How old are you?
Shelby: Do you have a question about our hosting? I don’t understand what my age has to do with anything.
Customer: I am sorry.
Shelby: Well is there something I can help you with in question to our hosting?
Customer: Nothing special .
Customer: Would you like to be friends with me?
Customer: I think I have fall in love with you .

At this point I was starting to really wonder how real this chat was … after review I decided that it was clearly a joke of some sorts.

Shelby: umm alrighty then
Shelby: Will you send me flowers?
Customer: I am poor.
Shelby: Hmm well I like presents, especially when someone loves me.
Customer: So ,sorry Icant love you now.

This is when I decided to try to get some information form this person and string them along for a little longer if possible.

Shelby: Well that is a shame for sure. Where do you live? And why did you decide to start chatting? Are you looking for something?
Customer: That is you.
Shelby: That makes no sense what so ever.
Customer: Time up ,bye bye.
Shelby: ok later I will miss you.
Shelby: But I will treasure the time we had.
Customer: Me too.
Your party has left this session.

I mean are you serious, clearly someone was really bored and decided to play around on the chat system. Gave myself and the other guy working a good laugh.