Live on a routine

Photo by kevin Baquerizo on Unsplash

I very much try to keep a morning routine, especially ever since I started working from home full time as I figured if I didn’t; well then my life might get turned upside down.

At this point, I am set in my ways, and when I miss part of the routine, it throws off the rest of my day. Here is a glimpse as my somewhat mundane morning routine that gets me started.

  • While I try to naturally wake up without my alarm I still set it just in case.
  • I check the alerts on my phone while I am waking up.
  • Browse through my email to see if there is anything important
  • Open the App Store on my phone and apply all the updates that came in overnight.
  • Take a shower; honestly, without this, I just can’t get going. I tend to brush my teeth in the shower to cut back on an additional task
  • Get dressed, yup even though I work from home, I get dressed in something other than a bathrobe.
  • Make a cup of coffee
  • Reply to emails and delete junk messages while getting ready to start the day job and greet everyone in Slack.

As for work that unfortunately can be a wild beast where I never know what I am walking into, but am always excited to see what it will entail!