Lot of Nothing

I sure have gotten a lot of nothing done today.  Let’s see here is how my day went.

1. Woke up early and watched some MTV
2. Surfed the net for a few hours
3. Renamed/Sorted my Firefox Bookmarks
4. Cleaned the condo
5. Watched The Lost Boys
6. Washed the dirty Laundry
7. Watched Butterfly Effect
8. Did the dishes.
9. Got the trash together
10. Installed some plugins on my blog
11. Installed VideoDB and added about half of my collection
12. Watched Swordfish
13. Sorted some boxes full of junk
14. Did some crunches/push-ups
15. Folded some laundry
16. Updated my gentoo box

Ohh yeah I ate somewhere in there too… overall it has been pretty productive.