Made me laugh…

I was over at Divers blog and read this, and it made me laugh.

This is Aaron. He plays the bass guitar for our band. Today, Aaron and Gary (our guitarist) were roofing a house on the east side of Flint, and making a general racket due to the banging and whatnot. Here is an actual conversation between Aaron (on top of a roof) and a nine year old girl.

Girl : “please be quiet! my grandma is trying to sleep”
Aaron : “No”
Girl : “Be quiet! She is really Old!”
Aaron : “Is she hot?”
Girl – to her friend : whisper whisper-
Girl – “Your friend looks like a girl” (gary has long luxurious metal – hair)
Aaron – “Why do you think I keep him around?” -laughter, gary looks verbally violated.
Aaron – “Get out of here before i get my 4 year old daughter to beat your wussy asses”
Girl – whispers to friend
Aaron – “Hey! I think my nail gun can reach you from here!”
Girls leave

Kids can be so cruel,
we are worse.