Media Center Part 1

Well I have decided that KnoppMyth is junk, so my attempt to take the easy way out has gone sour… So I hav to start from the begging and will be doing a full blown install of linux tweaked around to get it all working as need be. This has its upside though, I will know eveyrthing running on it and can streamline the install a bit more than the KnoppMyth install. Also for some reason their boot cd only wants to actually boot maybe like 1/30 times. Out of the 2 times I got it to install I came across some odd issues. The first time for some reason it wouldn’t save any of the information after reboot… I assume that it IS supposed to save the settings, else that distro sucks. The 2nd time it installed but upon reboot it wouldn’t start, it messed up the boot record, I had to pull the drive out and format it with my mac and an external drive. Well now that I have decided to do it on my own I guess this will be a multi part post from start to finish. Here are the ideas and stuff that I am dealing with.

1. What Distro?
I am undecided on either Debian or Gentoo they both have a lot of FAQS for them. i am leaning towards Gentoo as a lot of people I work with use it and that would be nice to ask them instead of using google non stop. But Debian would be nice as well, since there are already some premade packages for Mythtv. And no I am not even thinking of putting Windows on it.

2. What all will be installed.
I am sure I will change this listing up in time, but as of now this is what I am planning.

  • MythTV
  • Apache, PHP, Mysql
  • ProFTP w/MySQL Support
  • Samba

3. How long will it take.
Who the hell knows, with my luck it will only take a month… I assume the longest part will be waiting for Gentoo to compile everything.