My Sweatpants make me smart.

Well I have come to discover that tinting windows is my new calling. I never ever really knew that it was just soapy water that held the film to the window… to top that off I am just a learning machine the last couple of days, in all the years that I have used Photoshop I never made use of slices. What a sweet aspect of the program, I wish I knew of it years ago! Anyways Chase and I are starting on our new site, it should bring in some money so we hope.. But then again there are a ton of sites just like it. Mainly I think this will be a test to see if we can get it working. I have already created the admin section and he is working on making it actually function, I think I am going to try to get the main site setup so we can get the ball rolling.
I hope that I feel ok today as I think that I am coming down with somewhat of a cold, I need to go get my script filled… but then again prescriptions are played out. Come to find out I guess I am good at back massages, that’s new to me. I am sure I will post more later.