Napa Trip for a Wedding

Last weekend I went with Kat to her sisters wedding up in Napa, to be specific in Calistoga which is north a bit.  This was my first time to wine country, and after being there it really makes me regret sleeping in the previous times I have had the chance to go.  It is such a beautiful place, and we ended up going to two wineries, the first being the Frank Family, and Chateau Montelena which was a really cool experience.  I wasn’t too impressed with Frank Family, only because the guy at the tasting was not very personal.  Chateau Montelena was fun though, and Kat even got attacked my a swan that she was feeding.  I am hoping that Kat and I get to make it back there sometime soon for another weekend.
The wedding itself was short and sweet, and took place at a winery which made for a really cool setting.  After the wedding instead of going to some boring hall, or country club we actually are in a cave on site.  I didn’t get too many pictures from within the cave, which now that I think of it I really should have.  I uploaded to pictures to my Picasa account which is now linked to my site here.  Click the read more to see all the pictures.