Needed update

I have been slacking on actual updates.  So here is a weeks worth of events packed into one post.  Last week I gave a poor guy a ride home and stopped and bought him a 40 of High Life, he gave me 43 cents in change for the ride.  Umm lets see on sunday I went to the Lakers game with Jeff and got to hang out in the Suite, it was pretty sweet.  I think that a suite is the best way to watch any event now.  I have been spoiled by that for sure.  Other than that not much more to report.  In the tech of things I am working on a Helpdesk system that makes use of a mail account to get the tickets, and also some ajax to cut back on the page reloads…  I hope that I will be able to get some help on this project from Chase because it prob. wont be long before I get in over my head on it.