Netgear PS110 Printer Server and OS X

I dont know how many people actually have this setup, but if you do this will prob help you out. Over all this should give you the general knowledge needed to get it all working. This is the method I used on OS X 10.4 with ALL the printer drivers installed.

1. Connect the Printers to the Print Server (this should be a given)

2. Go to to access the built-in CUPS administration tool in OS X. This service shuold already be running so there is no need to start it.

3. Select “Add Printer”

4. You should be able to put in a “Name”, “Location”, “Description” on the “Name” it can’t contain spaces, and all around this information isn’t really important.

5. The PS110 uses LPD, so select LPD printing and enter the URL as “lpd://”, of course you need to replace the IP address with the IP of your print server. And the part where is says P2, that is actually the port on the print server that the printer is hooked to. eg Printer 1 = P1, Printer 2=P2.

6. After this step you will br prompted for the brand of printer, and then givin a chance to select the correct driver. If you dont have the correct driver you may have to download the driver from the OEM or just pick the one that fits it the best.

7. Print a test page. And see if you got it working right. Also after you have done all this it should be in your System Preferences under “Print & Fax”

I hope this helps some people as it took me a few tries right off the bat to get it working with OS X.