New Fridge, and site upgrades take 978….

Over the course of the week, I have noticed that the fridge in my apartment was starting to get warmer and warmer while the freezer was starting to become more arctic.  I noticed a ton of ice buildup in the freezer and scraped a ton of it out but it didn’t seem to help that much.  Then last night the fridge seemed to be approaching room temp so I quickly got out a cooler, added some ice, and relocated all of the perishables.

This morning when I got up I immediately called the apartment maintenance and they came right over and installed a new fridge.  Totally was not expecting them to do that as the complex seems to have gotten a little crappy over the last 9 months. But either way, I have a new fridge, and it’s working great, I think it might even be a little bigger inside too which is a plus.

Now on to the site, I am back in my ways of meddling with the setup, theme, plugins, etc.  I am hoping that I will be able to streamline the site a bit further and plan to implement CDN via Amazon S3 again as well.  As you may have noticed the biggest changes are the theme, and the comments are now routed through Disqus.  I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about 3rd party commenting including the usage of Disqus.  I am still willing to give it a try as it allows people to log in and post via Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo so hopefully, that will drive up the comments a bit more when people don’t have to sit down and create an account to post a reply.