New iPad mini 6th generation

I picked up a new iPad Mini 6th generation on Wednesday, October 6th after much debate. I have been waiting for Apple to release an iPad Mini like this since I first purchased the original iPad Mini, I just couldn’t get over the cost based on previous models.

In the end, after reading a few first-hand accounts of the iPad Mini I decided to bite the bullet. I originally had purchased it on Amazon but it was going to take a few weeks, then it was pointed out I should check at the local Apple store instead. I looked over the local Apple store stock and noticed they did have them, so I canceled my Amazon order and after leaving work I promptly drove over there and picked one up, along with the Pencil 2 and the smart cover.

And I have to say it has lived up to the expectations that I had, the screen is amazing and the speed just blows the predecessors out of the water. The Pencil 2 is a nice touch when drawing since the more force you use the darker the strokes get.

I am already finding myself using this model more than I have the previous versions and I hope that does not end up chaning.