New Job / Hangout Music Festival 2011 / Florida Trip

Laughing SquidI keep meaning to update my blog, but its just so much easier to put out a tweet or Facebook status message these days.  Lots of things have gone one since my last posting, first off I am no longer with Agilysys as I took a job offer to work with Laughing Squid.  I am still getting up to speed on how they do things but over all WOW, its great to work for a company that really has it together and has a stellar team working for them.  It is also really great to be back into the Linux Systems admin / web support, never really missed it until I was not doing it anymore.  I could really keep going on and on about how awesome it is, but I will save that for future posts instead of letting it all out here.

So last week, well May 18th-24th Kat and I made our venture down to her Moms condo in Perdido Key, FL.  We went down there for a few reasons

  1. Get out of Vegas for a bit.
  2. Enjoy the sun, beach
  3. Hangout Music Festival

Getting down there was plane and simple as expected.

What A Burger

Upon arrival we got our bags, and her Mom picked us up.  She greeted us with Abita Strawberry and Champagne….Then we stopped at What A Burger mmmm nom nom. We then made our way to the condo and stopped to get some crawfish (btw this is becoming a new fav food of mine). We got to the condo relaxed and hung out. We had an amazing time at the beach, the water was great and not a cloud really in the sky.  Had fun taking silly pictures of ourselves while laying out and all that jazz.  Times like that are how I know that Kat and I are great together as we have fun doing just about anything.

We woke up the morning of the Hangout Festival not really needing to get there all that early since a lot of the bands we wanted to see didn’t play right in the early morning.  The check in with Hangout was umm to put it lightly a giant cluster fuck.  The year before they had around 10k people in attendance, this year they expected more but didn’t prep for what I heard was a sold out turn out of almost 40k people.  Eventually making it through the lines, getting our wristbands for the weekend, and making it through “security” we were in.  I must say besides the check in/security checks what an awesome and amazing location for a festival.  The Hangout FestivalYou are on the beach, multiple stages with the Ocean right there at your toes if you wanted to step in.  Almost all the bands we saw made comments about how epic the location was, and really once again I must agree.
Kat and I ended up catching almost all the bands that we wanted to see, granted missed a few due to the overlap of schedules but it is what it is.  We ended up seeing all of the following bands Michael Franti and Spearhead, Railroad EarthFoo FightersCee LoKeller Williams, The Flaming Lips, PrimusThe Black Keys, BassnectorPretty LightsPaul SimonSTS9Widespread Panic, and Ween.  We missed a few other bands but over all the number of amazing artists we got to see at one place over the course of 3 days was awesome.
The day after we hung out at the beach, and then later in the day tried to see about switching my flight so I could stay a few more days, but the costs was just a bit too much for a few more days more. We ended up having some drinks and dinner at Cobalt.  We got back hung out and then we took flashlights out and went crab hunting.  We did this last year and it was a blast so I wanted to make sure we did it before I had to leave.  In an attempt to stay up and see the sunrise together we stayed up till 5am then crashed, almost made it… maybe next time.  The next day I wasn’t feeling too great, I think it was due to the fact I was leaving Kat as that always gets to me.  Her Mom tried to get ahold of the airline to see about bumping my flight as well, she didn’t have much luck either.  So ended up heading out and got some more What A Burger on the way to the airport.

This is where the story goes to shit lol.  So at the airport they made mention about storms and how if you didn’t want to be stranded in Dallas they would change your flight.  I asked the guy twice about this and he was like “No you will be fine ….” ….. well I got to Dallas, more like circled it 3 times and then my flight was diverted to this tiny little airport and all flights were grounded.  So now I am stranded in FT. Hood, TX and well this tiny airport didn’t know what to do with our flight and the Plane Rideother two that had to land there as well.  They first made it sound like we were going to take off in a bit once the storm passed, then they mentioned getting us a bus an taking us all to Dallas, then they mentioned getting cots for everyone all of the ideas fell through.  They ended up finally getting everyone hotel rooms around the town, it was now 2am and I just got to the hotel and tried to get a few hours of sleep as they wanted us back by 6:30am.  Got to the airport and had to wait till about 9:30am to take off.  Ohh and my flights…. well since so many flights were canceled they had to book me new ones, and there was not a direct flight so I had to do the following

  1. Fly to Dallas
  2. Then to El Paso
  3. Then to Los Angeles
  4. Then to Las Vegas

Now if you know anything about the distances between the cities, its not much. Took about 30 mins to get to Dallas, then I had a 4hr layover in the madhouse of an airport due to the fact that 10k people had been stranded there overnight as well.  Flew to El Paso which took like 40 mins I think, then had an hour layover there, then a 2hr flight to Los Angeles where I had another hour layover.  I didn’t end up walking through the door of the apartment until about 9:30pm.  Was a crazy hectic trip back, and I really wouldn’t wish that part on anyone. However anyways that is able to make it to Hangout, or have the chance to hang out with my amazing girlfriend then I would highly suggest you do.  Well now that I am winded from what is surely my longest blog post ever I can say thats the end of the story.