New Years Resolutions for 2009

I suppose its that time of the year again to make up a list of things that I wish to accomplish in 2009. I hardly ever follow my resolutions, so this year I am going to change my life a little to fit in these changes. So here we go.

  1. Eat Healthy – I have pretty much cut fast food out of my life, granted I still treat myself to eating unhealthy a few times a month. Hopefully I can stick with this and drop some weight along the way
  2. Work Out – I guess this goes hand in hand with resolution number one. I want to try to fit in 30minutes – 1hr of working out a day, switching up some lifting with some Cardio.
  3. De Clutter – Through the years I have acquired and given away a lot of computer junk. Most of the time I don’t know how I get it in the first place. But either way its taking up a bunch of boxes in my closet. I think I might finally make use of my ebay account and give Craigslist another try.
  4. Read Actual Books – I can sit all day and read online, but picking up a book has always been a challenge to me. If only books came with an IM client built in then it might hold my attention longer. I really want to finish A Divine Comedy as I started it and now its just collecting dust.
  5. Budget – I really want to get my budget in order.  Its been too many years that I have unsuccessfully been paying off my Credit Cards.  I need to get them to a manageable limit and then start putting some away into a saving.
  6. New Car – And by new I mean something that has been made in the last 5yrs.  I am tired of these third rate beaters that I get and drive into the ground.  I need to get something new and reliable
  7. Get back to LA.

That’s really it for this year, I think that it should be pretty easy to stick too…. I hope.