18 thoughts on “NewZen for Blogger”

  1. Hi Erin, you will want to contact the people that converted it over to a blogger theme as I have not even looked at the files since they converted them. Sorry

  2. I love this template, but I would like to change the colors of the bars shading the text in the sidebar — any hints?


  3. Just a quick question, how do you get the navigation bar on the left-hand side to open other things instead of ‘about me’ all the time?

  4. Hi!

    I’ve installed your template on my blog. It looks very nice, but I want to put my header image in the place of the blog title. I don’t know how to do it. How can I put it?

    Thanks a lot and keep it up!

    [email protected]

  5. Honestly no idea. I wrote the theme for WordPress. Someone else ported it over to Blogger, you would need to track them down to find out. But glad you like the theme. Take care.

  6. I started blogging a year back but it had always been an On and Off thing for me. Basically, I have no idea what to write. So, few days ago, while I was browsing the internet, I came across your theme. It took me around 2 days to figure out how to use them. Now, my site is running (although some feature such as search engine and the yellow box that has Quote picture are still not working – – I still can’t figure out how). So, for a beginner like me, I would have to say that your theme suits me very well (easy to install and simple).

    Thank You.

  7. I’m just taking up blogging and I think this is a great template. It’s the straight clean lines that I love.

    I’m having difficulties though. I want to place three Google ad units in it: 2 large rectangles, and one skyscraper on the right side just below links. But no matter how I try I can’t get the dam thing to work. Each time I try I seem to end up with three large rectangles and the skyscrapper gets dropped. Anyone any suggestions. If you have a template set up like this why not email a copy and I can work from there.

    Many thanks to anyone who feels they may be able to assist

    [email protected]

  8. I dont really know anything at all about Blogger or the themes for them. You would prob want to check with the people that converted my theme to blogger as they would be able to tell you the exact answer to that, otherwise run WordPress. 😉

  9. sfong, thanks. And yeah I made it about as simple and feature packed as possible. I thnk I might bring it back to life with a new release when I get some time to do so.

  10. It’s not bad at all and I love it hence my variation on that theme. You see even Dell’s http://one2one.dell.com/ official blog uses similar kind of sidebar. By the way NewZen is simple enough for amateur like me to work on.

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