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  1. High, I am trying to get your newzen theme setup for a new site I am toying with, but I am having a problem with a javascript to open links with rel=”external” in a new browser window.

    Any ideas if there is something in your theme that might be clashing with this? I’ve tried hunting down the problem but I’m having no luck.

    Is there a base target set for links somewhere or anything of that sort?

    Here’s the script I’m trying to implement. I can’t even get the script call to show up in the header for index.php for some reason, but it shows up on the single pages, but the script isn’t working. I know the script works because I use it on 3 other sites, and it works on this site with any theme other than yours.

    function externalLinks() {
    if (!document.getElementsByTagName) return;
    var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName(“a”);
    for (var i=0; i

  2. Wow sorry about that. I was messing with version 2.0 yesterday and nuked my wp-option in the database = screwd up the download manager settings… anyways it should be working now as I just tested it.

  3. yap, it’s cool. And I love this simple style. And I’m sorry to say when I tried to download the theme, it asked for my login to fauxen.com and log in. Anything wrong or something I missed ?

  4. I am trying to download your theme, but when I click on the download link, it just takes me to your blog and nothing downloads. Any help would be great.

  5. Thanks Shelby, for clarifying that for us. We really do like this theme, it is just what Rev Bill was looking for. And now that we’re not trying to figure out how to make it do something it isn’t even supposed to be able to do, we can enjoy it even more! 😀

  6. Paul, at this time is is just a way to add comments. In the next version I hope to have an options page where you will be able to expand/contract all the comments. But right now it is just a way to add them. Sorry about the confusion.

  7. OK, sorry about that…apparently we misunderstood exactly what the ajax comments were supposed to do.

    We understood it to be a way to display, via ajax, all comments on a post. That seems to be the standard use of Ajax comments (that we have seen, in any case).

    But it appears that your use of ajax is to simply add a new comment. Is this correct?

    Is there a way, with this theme, to use ajax to display the comments on a post?

  8. Ajax comments are enabled by default you dont need to do anything to make use of them, just like the sidebar they are both enabled… there is no way to turn them off.

  9. What is needed to use Ajax comments? I see that there is a comments-ajax.php file included, but apparently it’s not doing anything. Unlike most themes, there is no readme or any sort of documentation, so we were wondering exactly how to use it.


    We really do like the theme, just need to know how to make full use of it.

  10. Hello plz need a work enybody wants to help me plz i am ready. Any work it is i will it as a hard working person.

  11. Everything looks like crap in IE… Bu no really I only tested it in Firefox on OS X and Windows XP, also on Opera and IE 7 on Windows XP and everything looked fine. Send me a screen shot over email and I will take a look.

  12. Rob, Glasd to know someone is using it other than me 😉 … Yeah the next version I am working on will hopefully be all XHTML compliant, not to mention some side bar fixes. Should be avail in a few days. I will drop you a comment on your site when I have it for download.

  13. Very nice. I’m testing it out on my blog right now. Might recommend making future releases XHTML standards complient however. Thanks

  14. What are you talking about I created the layout etc… granted I didn’t write the AJAX from scratch I just made it work for my theme. You are an idiot.

  15. Beatneck, you really dont like the colors at all?
    Monkeypup, thanks, yeah I plan on doing a lot more to it … just takes time, time that I dont have 😉

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