NewZen v2.0 build 104

I have released the newest update to NewZen here are the new features/fixes.

* Added a readme file
* Fixed some stylesheet issues
* Added and Admin section
* Added a “Share This” function, when enabled submit links to Digg, Delicious and Newsvine are added to the blog entry.
* Edit Author information from the new admin section
* Align the site name on either the left or the right of the header with 1 simple click.
* Changed the screen shot of the theme in the Theme Browser
* Fixed some alignment issues on the Side bar

As always you can download it from the NewZen page.

17 thoughts on “NewZen v2.0 build 104”

  1. Great Theme, as you may see I have something similar on the sidebar. I like yours better and will be switching soon. Is there a way to close the sidebar? Also the search isn’t really ajaxed search, is it? I have tried your Kubrijax but I couldn’t type in anything to the search box, wondered why?

  2. When did you download build 105? I just updated it as there were some issues with it. Do you have a link to your blog so I can take a look.

  3. I am still facing the problems that The Rob mentioned…am running version 105 of Newzen can help me out…with that sidebar thingy..?

  4. Josue, I dont see why not. I simply addapted the code from the Moo.fx demo to fit my theme. You would just need to copy the sidebar.php menu information, and then there are 3 Javascripts and some other java code that needs included in the header of the the other theme. I was a tad tricky getting the side bar to work with java comments just fyi.

  5. Thank you Shelvy!

    One more question… =)

    If we’re using another theme, can we still display your cool menu? How could that be done? For sure, it would be properly attributed and linked to your site.

    I hope I’m not asking anything rude… it’s just that it is so good, that can be used in many different places!

  6. I think I fixed it, grab the new download… mainly just replace the footer.php and also the functions.php and it SHOULD fix the issue….

  7. Josue, Thanks! I am glad people like it, I hope to keep adding more features to it. And about the background image just edit the /wp-content/themes/newzen/images/sd_head_bg.gif, that is the image that is used for the background of the side bar titles. Enjoy

  8. Hi there,

    Awesome theme!

    Is there a way of changing the images of the ajax sidebar?

    THanks for sharing this cool theme with the community =)

  9. I ran into a number of issues with the sidebar, both in FireFox 1.5 and IE7 beta2. Basically nothing happens upon clicking the sidebar headers.

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