20 thoughts on “NewZen v2.0 Build 105”

  1. Shelby, I have made minor changes on codes and a color scheme in blue. Hope that meets with your approval please stop by and offer your comment.

    Notice that it works OK in IE6 with funny color background when sidebar group is extended. The sidebar completely unworkable in IE7 beta2.

  2. No read me with the latest build- why don’t you post an FAQ or readme online?
    Would like to substitute a header- thought you might suggest what files to change…
    nice clean theme- thanks

  3. fantastic design! i was wondering where the readme file is though. the zip file doesn’t seem to have it. i’m just trying to figure out what to do with all the files.

  4. Shelby, I’m using this theme as a base for a project site that I’m working on. I had a look at the stylesheets and stripped it of a lot of repeat/useless code. If you’d like to have a look at it e-mail me.

    However, Over all i’m very impressed with the work you done. It definately makes for a clean and simple start. Good Work.

  5. Did you uninstall the theme before you upgraded to the new one? Anytime something is changed in the admin section of the theme then it can cause hte issue you are talking about.

  6. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_theme_page() in /home/.gargamel/balachandar/shoutsofnothingness.net/blog/wp-content/themes/newzen_2.0_build_105/themetoolkit.php on line 84

    I get this error and am not able to access my Dashboard itself..so for the time being am switching my theme…!

  7. heh, thanks for pointing that out… its not actually a bug… its called forgetting to remove certain custom code before zipping up the site for others use. Thanks I will correct that.

  8. Hi,
    i found a litte bug in your theme. There is a problem in the sidebar.php
    You included your mail stats or something and this won´t work on other ppl webspace and cause the menu to stop working. You should write down some readme and mention it or remove the following part from sidebar.php


    spam messages caught since December 2003 by Mail.app

    ” alt=”SparkStats”/>
    ” alt=”SparkStats Legend”/>

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