Nice vacation…

Well, I wouldn’t call it a traditional vacation more so just a break from blogging which kind of went against everything in the 100 days of blogging challenge, but I had an excuse… I was just being lazy!

While I am enjoying this challenge I also don’t want to feel like I am forced to blog something, which in most cases during this challenge has been some random nothingness just to fill a day. I plan on continuing this challenge to the end but I might end up being a little laxer and forgiving to myself in terms of making a post every day.

In a more or less post-covid world, things are opening up and getting back to a somewhat normal structure so that does allow for some real-world experiences to be blogged about instead of just looking out the window and thinking of a topic. Though even with things getting a bit more on track there is still a lot of downtime preventing exciting posts.

I am hoping that in the following months as the weather starts to shift away from Winter and things progress that I will have some posts that are a bit more interesting, maybe including some actual pictures of things other than food that I have made or eaten.

Time will tell, either way, I am going to try to hang on as there are around 25 or so days left until I can put a close to this challenge.