OS X Lion: My first impressions

I have had the option to run dev copies of OS X Lion for sometime now, but decided to wait till it hit the App Store.  So needless to say I bought it as soon as I could and have been toying with it ever since.
When I first installed it I was noticing a lot of issues with thing just not working as well as they used to, this led me to doing a fresh install of Lion just to make sure all of my old settings had been cleared out from previous installs.  By reinstalling I was also able to clean up my laptop quite a bit and regained over 100gb of space by moving items to offsite locations.
Once Lion was all setup it took me about a full day to get all my programs reinstalled, music, movies and pictures copied back over and customizing the feel of things.  Over all it was honestly an easy transition if I wouldn’t have reinstalled from scratch, the new installer is slick as hell I hope other OS makers adopt this method.

I have actually only had two noticeable problems with Lion.

  1. Google Chrome – Full screen does not work, and it seems very unstable at times.  I have used Stable, Dev, and Canary releases…. in the end I have really had to remove just about all extensions to get it to work well.
  2. Mail.app – While they have made some awesome  improvements on it for the life of me I can not get threaded emails to work properly.  It will thread all of my responses and the person that is responding to me, but it does not group them in the same thread.  I have tried every setting possible, even nuked the mail account and still no go.  I ended up installing Thunderbird and it works just fine :/  I am hoping that I am not the only one with this issue and that the next .1 release will correct this small bug.

Other than that I am really starting to dig the new gestures that are available, and while I was upset that Spaces was removed Mission Control is growing on me.
Once I toss in my 8gb RAM upgrade that I should be getting this week I should be all set for whatever Lion needs.