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OS X Mail client decisions …

sparrow googleA while back I was in the market for a new email client as I was not really excited with the functionality of I ended up deciding to use Sparrow, after using it for about a week I was sold on it and couldn’t imagine using any other mail client. I liked it so much the moment the iOS app was available I bought it with out even batting an eye.

Now fast forward to today, while I am happy for any small company that lands on the radar of a giant like Google and gets handed a chunk of change to either sell out to them or start working for them, it sucks as thats usually the end of the product.  In this case the team at Sparrow said they will still be providing support and critical updates but past that you are out of luck. That being said its unfortunately time to look for a new option when it comes to a desktop mail client, as I dont want to be stuck with a dying piece of software.  The idea popped in my head to switch back to but that was short lived after I recalled how clunky I found it to be. Before I chose to use Sparrow I was looking at Postbox and I think that may end up being the next best choice. I have been reading over the features and just downloaded the trial version to see how it holds up, and at $9.95 its a pretty awesome deal (Though right now I think they should be running a flock to us from Sparrow special). Anyone else currently using Postbox? if so what are you thoughts on it?

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