OsX86 on MSI Wind Desktop : Part 2

So I added a 40gb SATA drive to the machine and installed OSx86 to that.  Once the install was complete the machine booted right up.  The only issue is that the video driver was only allowing 800×600.  Once I obtained the updated driver and did a reboot I was able to get 1280×1024.  Everything was working great … So I decided to do an upgrade in hoped to not screw it up.
I updated to 10.5.6 with the Combo updater.  After the install before I rebooted I reinstalled the Video Driver.  When it rebooted the first time it got a kernel panic.  I restarted again and passed -v -f to the boot options.  It booted right up.  After that I did one more reboot and it worked, and was very fast as well.
Once it was back up and running with 10.5.6 I did the software update and grabbed all of the avail updates.  So far so good.